and later…

November 12, 2009

I was not going to post again. But I feel that in order to be or feel somewhat productive each day its important to go back and see if I got through some goals and stuff.

I did 2 x 40- minute walks. Too bad they were leisurely and boring really and just a stroll. Not challenging.

I did 20 minutes of a gentle online yoga class that was not that great afterall, but at least I gave it a try and know now.

I went to the library and fixed up my resumes….browsed through some books…I read for about 1 hour today (fail: should be more…was not really concentrating on it enough).

Hmm…I intended to write that list. Something I must do tommorow.

Gosh, the future is sometimes scary no? I have to remind myself to not live in yesterday or tommorow, or even today…rather to live in the *now*….admittedly that is a little difficult when my health is not its greatest right now …its all a process…so the little accomplishments each day are so small and so meaningless…but hopefully they add up right?

Anyway, lots on my mind. Hope I sleep tonight. A good, solid sleep is such a wonderful thing to achieve: that deep rest where your body just fades and you fail to recognize or be aware of anything, not even your body.



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