the things i like…

November 13, 2009

Have you ever sat down and just thought about the things you like…the things you like….just the simple things. You know, all those little things that seem so mindless and trivial and unimportant.

The things I like:

1. the crunch of crisp leaves lingering on sidewalk.

2. warmth

3. a blanket

4. deep sleep where i die into the sleep

5. being lost in a thick book

6. smell of vanilla

7. glistening-flake-it-apart salmon

8. wandering a bookstore for hours

9. watching a gentle gentle fall of thick snow in the light-cast of the window on a crisp chill night

10. researching-learning-education

11. falling into yoga

12. a crunchy organic apple

13. mindless reality show

14. cookbooks and recipes

That is what I can think of right now. What are the simple things that you like?

Last night I sat down and thought about what I might really want to do in life. When I say the *things I want* , I am not including the obvious things like travel around Europe, go on a cruise, vacation in Hawaii, go to a ranch in Texas somewhere that offers a spa-retreat vacation, etc….I mean the other things: directions I might want (or had always wanted) to take my career, etc.

So I did not write an extensive list…and some of the things were random and possibly not priority…but I decided to include all that came to my mind at that time. Here is a list (so far):

1. Write a book (s)….fiction and (non)fiction.

2. Online & magazine freelance writing.

3. Own a bookstore.

4. Own a health food store/cafe.

5. Sell recipe books &/or creations.

6. Attend School for Holistic Nutrition…..explore the world of nutrition health education/advocacy/consulting/writing/teaching.

7. Take creative writing (or any writing) courses and reading courses.

8. Join a writing group…Join a book-club/class.

9. Become committed to yoga practice.

So, this is a preliminary list to get me to think…think about how to next achieve these things…that is plan for this weekend…develop possible action plans that might help me to achieve these things….

And I will make a final note on a post that I want to make later about bookstores (oh, how I love thee!)…..I currently have about a million (and 1) books I wish I could buy and read….I have noticed 5 cookbooks in particular that I would love to buy/own as well…in time….these include:

– V with a Vengeance

– Veganimicon

– Refresh

– The Eat Clean Diet Cookbook (new)

– The Raw Gourmet

Till later….


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