posting again

November 14, 2009

I guess I should keep my posts to a minimum…too many gets too cluttered and ridiculous really. But I have some thoughts on my mind. I have read about vegetarianism and veganism and I know the extreme benefits, and I have made some changes by adding more grains, produce, fruits, etc. in my daily eats versus relying solely on proteins in form of meats and fish, etc. However,  a confession here that I am not vegetarian or vegan…and I kind of feel guilty when I see these wonderful food blogs of persons who follow that lifestyle and flourish, and are doing good for their body, mind, and the environment. I have a lot of belief that those lifestyles are worthy to lead. But in the meantime, I admit I am not ready to give up my fish, chicken, etc….I certainly have vegan meals, etc….but very frequently during the week I do have these other animal products.

I think I keep comparing myself to others again and I ought to stop that. I do feel some source of odd-guilt though…I use to inquire about vegetarianism a few times around an old friend in the recent past and I have learned she is now pretty much hard-core going that way. I mean…not that that is a bad thing….but this person is always so easily swayed by what others or doing….or reads or hears something and then jumps and thinks that she must must do it….she cannot just trust herself and her own lifestyle…instead she made erroneous assumptions…because I obviously do not practice that lifestyle…though I have incorporated it into my life and respect it immensely.

I guess this is just my frustration peaking through at people who are easily swayed or believing of others….assumptions are not smart folks. Never assume,  because you really do not know. Inquiry and interest does not equate practice and devotion.


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