Love/Hate relationships

November 15, 2009

Everyone knows these right?

Some of mine currently?…

1. Living with other people. Love that they are awesome and great companions/friends and own a nice place….Hate that the boy took one of nice bananas this morning….no biggie though – I still had some for myself to add  to breakfast (ginormous breakfasts i have that could put many to shame), and I will mention to him later (plus steal back 1 …or 2…of theirs later the week 🙂

2. Having this blog. Love writing – particularly about my inner thoughts and fears of extreme guilt and comparisons. Hate that I did not want to do that….the point was to write maturely and to post fun foodie pics (focus more on food really) and oddly enough it has taken a different spin…but I find that writing about what is on your mind is absolutely the best thing to do….getting it out there, hoping others might understand or relate…that is where my head is at now….that said, I plan to either start a new blog that will focus more on fun foodie stuff or just add in random food posts here at leisure….not sure at this point. I also hate (oops another) the worry that others might read it and compare themselves or erroneously make assumptions about my eating or something….difficult to be a non-exerciser who eats in an exercising-controlled-food-blog-world.

3. Love awesome food. Hate having to eat when feel no desire or physical discomfort (necessary for my health-related stuff). 6x a day every day….

4. Love experimenting with vegan dishes…and non-vegan dishes….Hate feeling guilt for both. Dammed if I do (eat animal products for example….or eat a solely carb-vegan based dish)….dammed if I do not…

5. Love reading. Hate that I cannot afford books and cookbooks. Willing to accept any and all sent my way :)…I have the time and need to just sit and read…

6. Love seeing some christmas decorations adorning the houses around here. Hate that I have to look at them all the time on my very short walk that I take a day. (Walking is a wonderful activity…but I am bored after almost a year of it).

7. Love the idea of doing yoga….Hate that it is just an idea…my attempts at participation have ended me on my back in meditation or a modified childs pose (even that hurts).

8. Love buying food….Hate the cost of food….all the awesome stuff is so expensive …its an internal battle of unwarranted splurges or feeling denied.

9. Love the prospect of trying some squashes….Hate that the trend seems to be to avoid all whole grain noodles for the squash….um, yeah….so that would be just a side I think ….BUT…to each their own. People do their thing, I do my own. …Must try the canned pumpkin in oats soon too.

10. Love that I truthfully have 8 jars of different nut butter here now :)…. Hate that my limited fridge space means I have about 5 open now, but they are all jammed up the other jam-bar-butts….patience right?…maybe in another 2-3 years I can get my own complete space! yay!

So, again, I am not sure what I will do with this blog….either continue using it for my ramblings of what I choose to write at whatever time (even if it is 10 posts a day!) or shut it down and in future start up my true-food blog….though I planned to make several posts here food-related…and book-related…with pics….I need to start the food pics…my camera is not so great…and I have no idea how to color up a webpage with a photo on top, etc…

Till Later…


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