another quick note

November 20, 2009

i just had to add this to the last post…get it out

I WISH people would appreciate what they have….the ability to move, to walk….they do not understand….I cannot help the guilt because so many people in this world cannot go one day without physical exercise and eating perfect….and me here….a year long journey already and so far ahead to go….doing nothing, sitting, breathing, eating

god, just be grateful for what one does….

forget about the world….be grateful your own self then


5 Responses to “another quick note”

  1. Hey girl, just read your comment on my blog and I see you’re having a bit of a hard time…
    I’m sorry you feel this way, it’s so hard…I know. But believe me, it’s also so much worth it. I think it’s important to dedicate a period in your life to health. That means gaining, no exercise and taking good care until you reach a healthy weight, stabilize easily AND get rid of the obsessions. See those things as your medicines. If your had another disease and could take some pills, you would take them too right? because it’s what you need…

    And another thing: try not to look al others. It’s about YOU, so don’t compare (had to learn that too!). Others can exercise and move a lot, and you don’t. Simple as that:)

    You CAN do this, just hold on. You will beat this, good luck girl!

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

    • Thanks Julia
      But it just seems so weird and wrong. Its been 11 months and I keep thinking I am doing it all wrong cause no one knows…maybe I could do more or should do more, but convince myself otherwise…also, I have weird bowels upsets for months now that doctors dont know how to explain. I have not had a normal, healthy bowel movement in over 6 months. I feel so distraught and broken and literally forcing myself to eat. But after only the first 1 or 2 bites of something I am intolerably full. I have been low weight before like this (and gained it very very rapidly) but did not experience these bowel distresses or this full feeling the same. Doctors are useless so far….so tired of it…thanks for your help…

  2. crazylittlethingneela Says:

    hey love,
    thank you for stopping by my blog. you can email me here sorry forgot to put it on my blog for people to email me. i am more than happy to share my stomach issues with you and how i am trying to cure them. it’s all about soluble and insoluble fiber. a website that really helped me was
    it involves a lot of restriction in terms of eating but i feel better than i ever have. it’s really worth a try.
    hope i helped you a bit and happy to hear from you soon

  3. Abby Says:

    Are you hanging in there?

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